New Caledonia Solves Intolerable Pipe System Leakage Problem

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New Caledonia, or Nouvelle-Calédonie as it is correctly named, is an idyllic group of islands in the Western Pacific, 1,210 km East of Australia, with all of the inherent requirements of a modern progressive community. Surrounded by the Pacific, reticulation of the islands available potable water is of major importance. With significant leakage from the existing pipe systems becoming intolerable, Calédonienne des Eaux, New Caledonia’s water and sanitation service provider, contacted Worldpoly.

Worldpoly in turn provided appropriate butt welding equipment and the training services of its Technical Manager to establish a crew of local welders and site managers who were then fully equipped to tackle whatever poly problems they faced in the field.

The intensive training sessions were held on site to ensure that the operators and site managers learnt how to weld poly in an environment they that would experience in real life. This also allowed them to ask questions in a nurturing learning environment, as opposed to having to learn from onsite mistakes.

The resultant fully welded system has reduced water losses in the replaced sections to virtually zero, giving the Authority confidence to replace all water pipe in the system with HDPE, and the highly trained operators have the confidence and experience to be able to lay quality pipelines without additional training.


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