Nouvelle-Calédonie Water Board Branches Out Into Mining

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While working together with Worldpoly on their reticulated water replacement program, Calédonienne des Eaux, who are the countries water and sanitation service company, raised the subject of major PE pipe use by the Islands Nickel Mines and advised Worldpoly that all welding was historically performed by imported contractors.

On seeing a golden opportunity to assist not only a long term customer and also a country as a whole, Worldpoly proposed that Calédonienne des Eaux tackle the nickel mines themselves with Worldpoly’s support and training services. Calédonienne des Eaux then sourced relevant welding equipment to 1000mm and training from Worldpoly and won a contract to weld a significant 800mm OD PE pipeline.

With appropriate on-site assistance provided, the contract was completed under budget and ahead of time, establishing Calédonienne des Eaux as a major locally based supplier to the mining industry, keeping the business at home, and in turn ensuring that employment is available for locals first.


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